Release a new product, Marble eyes
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We are very pleased to tell you today that a new product, named Marble eyes, has been released.
Now, you can place an order of Marble eyes. Marble eyes will be sold a limited edition by pre-order. After that, we will not make the same iris-colored.

(1) Names of Marble : Marble-AE001, BG002, CY005, GB005, WBG001 and WBL001 (Six kinds of Marble eyes)
(2) A limited edition : Regardless of the size and the type of the eyeball, we receives a total of 120 pairs maximum of orders.
(3) Pre-order period : Dec. 26th, 2016 ~ Jan.10th, 2017  (If the5 limited quantity is exceeded, the order may be closed early.)
(4) Estimated production period : 4~5 weeks after the end of order
(5) Marble eyes can not be made with 8mm, 10mm. It's possible 12mm ~ 22mm, narrow and wide type.
(6) The price(included PayPal fee and free shipping) of one pair : 62.4USD.
(7) Our PayPal account :
(8) How to order : email(   or
** Please understand that domestic and overseas orders are processed at the same time, so the production period may be longer.
** Please understand that the iris patterns of Marble may be differences of iris detail depending on the size of the eyeball.If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
Thank you.


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 [NEWS] Release a new product, Marble eyes
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