Picture should be taken with the eyes in the doll.
                                     It should be easy to actually see the eyes.
                                     Please supply the following details: kind, color number, size, dome
                                     Eyes should take big part of the pictures and the pictures should be in color, not white/grey.
                                     A participant can submit two pictures at the most, and each picture should contain different eyes.
                                     콘테스트에 응모된 사진은 인첸샵 샘플사진으로 사용될 수 있습니다.

Enchanted Doll order contest 01-27 | VIEW : 242

<BR> Thanks so much for organizing this contest. Here are my two girls wearing Enchanted doll eyes.  

My CP Miyu (SD) and My unoa Lusis (MSD), both with their beautiful eyes.
I can't find my order emails anymore, so I am guessing for the exact colour number. My apologies. I have these eyes for a couple of years now. My dolls never changed eyes again :P
Miyu (brown eyes): E-D eyes
nr. 17
size: 16mm
dome: low dome
Unoa (blue eyes): special eyes
nr: ? (Can't find the eyes on the website anymore. They were cyan blue with dark blue pupil.)
size: 12mm
dome: low dome.

Kind Regards,

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