Pearl-sweety Eyes are our new product line based on Sweety Eyes.

It has pearl powder added that is bigger and scattered thinner than Milky Eyes.

This product line is for you if you like Sweety Eyes' clear look and you also like pearl powder on the iris.

The Pearl-sweety Eyes in the sample photo above have silver color pearl powder(default).

Gold color and thicker silver powder will be also available very soon.


Pearl-sweety is available in all sizes but 8mm and 10mm are not recommended

because their irises are too small for the pearl powder to have same affect as the sample photo.

Special order (circle/half gradation, Added rim, Special Pupil, etc) apply same as other product lines.


Please note the product line, Pearl-sweety Eyes along with the color number when you place your order.




* You can see eyes with various color. Choose your favorite color.

* You can see a large picture when you click  the Number.

* It can be a slight difference in the same color because make by hand.
* Pictures of eye ball have taken under lighting and pictures of wearing eyes have taken under natural light.