We are so glad to introduce you our new line of products named Unique Eyes.

Unique eyes allow you to design your own eyes.

Each Unique eyes has it's own name and theme.
Unique Eyes can accommodate more specific and unique details than special order of ED,

Milky and Sweety eyes.
You can also order eyes with designs from Japanese animation, patterns or motifs.

Unique Eyes will give you the doll eyes you've always dreamed of.



There are two types of Unique Eyes.

In-stock Unique Eyes;

They are created from our Enchanted Doll artist's imagination.

In-stock eyes may be reproduced per customers request.

However, it is not possible to make the same eyes exactly because they are fully hand made creations.

Custom Demand Unique Eyes;

You can reflect your imagination in your Unique Eyes.

Eyes will be created through a 1:1 email-collaboration between the ED artist and the customer.



Pricing policy* How to order ;
In-stock/Custom Demand Unique Eyes are priced according to the level of production difficulty


You can order In-stock/Custom Demand Unique Eyes via our website(www.e-d.co.kr)

or via Email(enchaneyes@gmail.com) directly.

We thank you for your business.






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