The eyes are 100% hand made to your exact specifications.

I always do my best to make exactly replicate the sample pictures

there may be a little difference between the real eyes and the samples due to the hand-made quality.


The difference of colors may be caused by color conditions of monitor.

From another point of view, there are no eyes the same as yours in the world.

I do my best to make your order as beautiful as possible. 



Resin is a type of plastic, not acrylic.

The doll's head and body are made of Resin.



Strong points of Enchanted Doll eyes

(1) Its transparency is as clear as glass.

(2) The iris color varies ( more than 160 iris colors).

(3) It is possible to custom order, so E-D eyes can satisfy any customers needs.

(4) You can choose various pupil colors.

(5) The material of the eyes will be replaced with Non-yellowing Urethane.

      And the eyes will be coated with UV protective spray.
      Also, the hardness of the eye's surface will be increased to protect your doll's eyes from scratches.



Weak points of the Resin eye

(1) Nevertheless, The surface of the eye can get scratched because its not as hard as glass.

      As such, handle it carefully.

(2) If possible, avoid direct continuous light as colors may fade with time.



What are your options?

First, you can choose the iris color in "ED EYES", "SWEETY EYES", "MILKY EYES" and "PEARL-SWEETY EYES"

and pupil color in PUPIL COLOR.

You can also choose the eyes size (diameter) and height (high & low) of crystalline lens.


(1) You can choose High or Low Dome Lenses.

      The irises of High Dome Lenses protrude out more from the eye.

      Whereas the irises of the Low dome lenses protrude less from the eye.

(2) The sizes available (diameter of eyes) are 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm and 22mm.

(3) You can choose either High or Low Dome Lenses with the 16mm, 18mm and 20mm lenses.

(4) With the 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 22mm lenses, there is no choice of High or Low Dome Lenses.

     They come in one common lens protrusion height.

(5) If you want larger or smaller pupils, please note as such in your order by writing,  larger or smaller.

      You will receive 0.2~0.5mm larger or smaller sized pupils.

      However, you cannot order the exact size of the pupil. For example, you may not order a pupil size of exactly 3mm.

      Just know that your pupil will be a bit larger or smaller per your request. Though not to your exact specifications.



More about 8mm and 10mm lenses

Making 8mm and 10mm lenses is very difficult because of their small size.

As such, they can only be ordered in Sweety colors only, not ED.

You can make a special order about pupil colors only, not iris colors or pupil shape.



Iris type of Eyes-Regular(common), Narrow, Wide iris

We have 3 types of Iris type- Regular, Narrow and Wide.

Narrow Iris Eyes were created for doll lovers who are looking for realistic feeling from doll eyes.

And compared with other company's products, Ours have a bit smaller iris on 16,18,20mm.

So we made the "wide type" of iris. it has same white part but wider iris.

The price of these 2 type are same with Regular Iris Eyes.

Please note the iris type you want when you place your order.


* Narrow Iris Eyes come in size 14, 16, 18mm only.
* Wide Iris Eyes come in size 16, 18, 20mm only.
* Narrow Iris Eyes and Wide Iris Eyes don't come in size 8, 10, 12, 22mm.


  Common type of Eyes

eye size

iris size(mm)

dome type















high or low



high or low



high or low





  Narrow type of Eyes

eye size

iris size(mm)

dome type





Iris size of 12mm




Iris size of 14mm



high or low

Iris size of 16mm


  Wide type of Eyes

eye size

iris size(mm)

dome type




high or low

Iris size of 18mm



high or low

Iris size of 20mm




Iris size of 22mm



How can I order?


(1) Your address (Zip code)

(2) Your E-mail

(3) Full name

(4) Telephone number

 (5) Indicate if you would like, Milky, "ED", "Sweety" and "Pearl-Sweety".

       Also, indicate if you would like wide eyes.

 (6) Choose the iris color.

(7) Choose the pupil color.

      (Black is common any other color are special eyes)

(8) Choose if you would like High OR Low dome lenses (only 16,18,20mm)

(9) Denote any special order requirements or comments.


You can order a pair of eyes or as many as you like.

If you order 1~ 9 pairs of eyes, you are responsible for the cost of the eyes and the shipping fee.

If you order more than 10 pairs of eyes at a time, the shipping fee is free.

If you order more than 20 pairs of eyes at a time, the shipping fee is free and I will give you a present.

(a pair of eyes of your choosing).

If you order more than 30 pairs of eyes at a time, the shipping fee is free and I will give you a present

(2 pairs of eyes of your choosing).



Where can I order?

You can order by E-Mail or on this page.



How long will it take?

Making eyes will take about a month.

Delivery time will take about 3~5 days by EMS and about 5~8 days by registered mail.



How much do the eyes cost?


      ordinary (1 pair)

special (1 pair)

8mm, 10mm

30 USD

40 USD


50 USD

60 USD


50 USD

60 USD


50 USD

60 USD


50 USD

60 USD


* If you would like the "white part" of the eyes to be red, black or transparent the cost is 75USD.

* Special eyes? - You can choose various pupil and iris color.

                             from their respective color charts. In addition, you can choose various rim colors.

                             Please remember that you can only special order 8mm and 10mm by changing the

                             pupil colors only,

                             not iris colors or the pupil shape.



What is the shipping fee(EMS)?

By EMS :

For example, the minimum weight(0.5Kg)

Japan : 15.37 USD

Taiwan : 15.80 USD

USA : 23.65 USD.

China : 15.48 USD

Hong Kong : 15.48 USD  and so on

These price will change according to the exchange rate.


By registered mail :

All nations : 5 USD


Your package will be delivered via EMS unless otherwise requested in your order.

If you order 1~ 9 pairs of eyes, you have to pay the shipping fee.




How to pay?

You must pay for both the eyes as well as the shipping fee.



My PayPal account :

There is a  4% fee added if you pay using PayPal.


Bank remittance

Bank name : Kookmin Bank Baegma Branch

Bank address : 752 Madu-dong, Ilsan-gu,

                           Goyang-City, Gyeonggi-do, KOREA


Beneficiary name : Ok Soon Lee

Beneficiary A/C No : 913502-01-071255

Telephone No : (82)031-818-8577

Cellular phone No : (82)010-8974-4067

Beneficiary address : 601-201, Haneul Maeul St. 76

                                   Jungsan-dong, Ilsan dong-gu,

                                   Goyang-City, Gyeonggi-do, South KOREA

                                   (Zip code : 410-756)



Once your payment has been received, I will begin making your eyes.

Please let me know once you have sent the money so I can begin your order as soon as possible.






Thank you so much.