Post your doll's pictures with E-D eyes and get the prize!
       We are openning photo contest for all around the world.
       If your country is on the list, Please click on it to apply.

       It will connect you to E-D dealer for your country.
       Please click "The others" on the list.


      December 1th,2013 ~ January 31th,2014

      February 15th : announce the winners.

     Winner should email me the detail of prize eyes what you want by Feb.25th.

      Your prize will be made by the end of March and shipped out around beginning of April


      UNIQUE PRIZE(1 person)  : A pair of Unique eyes

     ED SPECIAL PRIZE(1 person)  : A pair of Special eyes

     ED NORMAL PRIZE(2 person)  : A pair of Common eyes/a person
*** These are the prize for each countries we have e-d dealers for.(One person for each prize.)
*** Please note country and city's name you live in

      when you apply to the contest for the countries not on the list.


   Picture should be taken with the eyes in the doll.
   Please note the color, size, dome of eyes.
   Winner's pictures can be used for Enchanted Dolls.    

   It should be easy to see the eyes.

      Eyes should take big part of the pictures and the pictures should be in color, not white/grey.